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SAW - is a licensed Security and K9 Training Company providing risk mitigation, threat solutions, and readiness training for civilians and first responders. 


Situation | Awareness | Weapons

License: C09402901, F09403401, Y09403401, TCOLE-1014, LTC 02640613

aka NTHR K9 Kennel 

Risk Mitigation


Proper risk management first and foremost is identifying and knowing the source of the threats. When the sometimes unpreventable or inevitable threat does occur, prevention elements and safeguards already in place will serve to mitigate the risk, lessening the potential damage from the act and expediting the recovery process. A Security Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA) is a threat/risk assessment aimed at identifying exposures.  The ultimate goal of any security program is risk mitigation.

Threat Assessment


A Security Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA) is an assessment to identify potential security weaknesses and help determine appropriate action to manage the risks and reduce the impact of threatening events. By evaluating and organizations current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) for both physical and organizational security we determine an overall readiness level and provide recommendations to improve security and deter threats.


Commercial Buildings, Churches, Schools, Residence. An evaluation will disclose weaknesses and vulnerability to employees and family in the case of an active shooter, civil disruption or home invasion. 

Readiness Training


Our Instructors are TCOLE Certified and are former Military and Law Enforcement Professionals. We are able to teach out of the box techniques creating an upper hand in Lethal and non-lethal confrontations while maintaining Agency SOPs.​

We offer civilian, individual and group training packages tailored to the needs of each.  Non-civilian training can be provided either on-site, or at our Simunition training studio.


We offer situational awareness, active shooter training, hands to gun exercises a variety of NRA and firearm courses with the capability to issue Texas DPS Level 1-4 plus licensed to carry certifications. 

Executive - Personal Security 

We provide highly skilled individuals who have extensive training in the PPO arena. In Country or traveling outside the US, our agents are highly skilled individuals trained to operate armed or unarmed and are licensed to carry a firearm who have experience as Law Enforcement Officers or Military Operators with the DoS or DoD Security Forces. We have experience in protecting Dignitaries, Individual(s), Family, Corporate Executives, high value transports, Armed Convoy, Static and Event Security.  We are licensed and insured. We work in any number of threat situations:


Close Protection - Estate Security - Event Security - Surveillance - Transports

Security Guard with Dog

K9s Lead The Way

Today just about every organization have K9s to assist in day to day security and service operations. Even civilians are using Service Dogs and Personal Protection Dogs (PPD) K9s.  With K9s leading the way in service, drug and bomb detection, or apprehension does your organization have a training program and process to ensure your Handler(s) and K9(s) maintain and enhance skills to stay ahead of new threats?  With over 50 years of combined experience training and certifying K9 handler/trainers; we can help implement the right regime for your team.
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